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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ceroplophana Gestro, 1893

There are only 2 species C. malysiana and C. modiglianii known in the genus currently, and they have been recorded only in Borneo and Sumatra area. They are very unique insects of Rutelinae with a obviously "horn" curved up from it head. The object indeed is developed of its labrum, not mandible and it is unmovable.

Recorded distributions of Ceroplophana

The species C. malaysiana consist of two subspecies: C. malaysiana malaysiana Kuijten, 1977 (found from Malaysia) and C. malaysiana nobuyukii Nagai, 1996 (found from Borneo).

C. malaysiana malaysiana Kuijten, 1977 (Do Collection)

There are 3 subspecies of species C. modiglianii: C. modiglianii  modiglianii Gestro, 1893 (found from Sumatra), C. modiglianii borneensis Ohaus, 1911 (found from Borneo) and C. modiglianii hirasawai Nagai, 1996 (found from Sumatra).

The differences of members between species and subspecies of Ceroplophana clearly in structure of the male genitalia (penis organ).

Ceroplophana modiglianii borneensis Ohaus, 1911 (Do Collection)

Ceroplophana modiglianii modiglianii Gestro, 1893 (Do Collection)

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