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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Didrepanephorus Wood Mason, 1878

Didrepnaephorus is the most diversity genus among horned rutelinae, there are total 16 known species of the genus.

Didrepanephorus arnaudi Muramoto, 2003 found from Kon Tum South Vietnam (Do Collection), characteristic with 2 yellow hair stuffs on pronotum dorsally.

Didrepanephorus bifurcifer Wood-Mason, 1878
Didrepanephorus birmanicus (Arrow, 1907)
Didrepanephorus fukinukii (Muramoto & Araya, 2000)

Didrepanephorus lamdongensis Muramoto, 2013 (paratype in Do Collection), this species is new described from Lam Dong and Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam in 2013.

Didrepanephorus lao Nagai, 2005
Didrepanephorus malayanus (Nagai & Hirasawa, 1991)

Didrepanephorus mizunumai Nagai & Hirasawa, 1991 (Do Collection)

Didrepanephorus mucronatus Arrow, 1921
Didrepanephorus nishiyamai Muramoto, 2006
Didrepanephorus ohbayashii (Nagai, 2004)

Didrepanephorus pilosus Bouchard, 2007 (Do Collection), known only from Laos

Didrepanephorus subvittatus Benderitter, 1929

Didrepanephorus takuyai (Muramoto, 2003) an endemic species from South Center of Vietnam.

The species D. yunnanus currently consist of 5 subspecies, however I think they should be upgraded to be species levels because they are quite difference each other base on their structure of male genitalia organ.

Didrepanephorus yunnanus clermonti Benderitter, 1929 (Do Collection)

Didrepanephorus yunnanus kachinensis Muramoto, 2005
Didrepanephorus yunnanus piaoacensis (Nagai, 2004)
Didrepanephorus yunnanus wakaharai (Nagai, 2004)

Didrepanephorus yunnanus yunnannus (Ohaus, 1911) (Do Collection)

Didrepanephorus zen Muramoto, 2009 is known as an endemic species of the center of Vietnam.

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