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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Komiyasoma lei Drumont & Do, 2013

In the field trip last year (2013), we collected some strange specimens that closed to the new described genus Metaegosoma which consisted of two members, M. annamensis and M. pinci.

After examination the series of materials from South Center of Vietnam, we concluded that it is an undescribed genus then erected the genus Komiyasoma that obtained only single species K. lei.
The species is seem to an endemic species and found from highland forests in South Center of Vietnam.
The species was named after Mr. Le Van Huong, director of Bidoup National Park, Lam Dong Province while the name of the genus for honor Mr. Ziro Komiya, a Japanese who contributed many works on taxonomy of Prioninae of the World.

Male paratype of K. lei

Female paratype of K. lei

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