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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aegosoma george Do, 2015 new species of Prioninae from South Vietnam

As reviewing the genus Aegosoma, the author found a new species of the genus from South Vietnam, and it was named after an cartoon character, George Pig, Aegosoma george.

Male and female of Aegosoma george

Male of holotype of Aegosoma george

George is a character in the children's cartoon video series 'Peppa Pig', which is produced by the English television entertainment company Astley Baker Davies Ltd. George is Peppa's little brother and the youngest member in the family. The author's five-year old son suggested George as the species epithet for this new Aegosoma, because A. george is the latest discovery in the genus.

George Pig in blue, he love playing with dinosaur toy and he is youngest member in Peppa Pig family

George Pig and Peppa Pig

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