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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Protohermes grandis (Thunberg, 1781)

Protohermes grandis (Thunberg, 1781) is a colorful species of dobsolfly, belong to Megaloptera order. It is an aquatic insect that larvae live in the water, mainly clear streams. The mature with wings is attracted to the light. They are quite common species, found in Indochina, China, Taiwan and Japan.

A individual of Protohermes grandis (Thunberg, 1781) on the light trap sheet, Mau Son Mountain, elevation about 1500m 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Casiphia (Raucocasiphia) takakuwai Komiya, 2009

A special species of Prioninae, Casiphia takakuwai is second member of the genus that found in Vietnam, the species is closed to related species C. vietnamica. Casiphia belong to tribe Anacolini of subfamily Prioninae with very particular antenna of male. The two species of the genus belong to subgenus Raucocasiphia and female of both species with simple antenna.
Not same to C. vietnamica, female of C. takakuwai colorful and there are 2 forms of males, black form and yellow/orange or red form. The characteristic for quick recognizing two species is apex of the elytra, in C. takakuwai the tips are point but round in C. vietnamica.
C. takakuwai only known in the location where the holotype of the species was found, Pu Mat National Park, Nghe An Province with elevation about 700m.
There is no much information about behavior of the beetles of Casiphia, however they are day flying insects and the males be attracted by some kind of  organic compose that released by female, the organic compose maybe similar to product as burning gasoline because the males of the genus also come to exhaust of machines/generators.

Male of Casiphia (Raucocasiphia) takakuwai - Black form

Male of Casiphia (Raucocasiphia) takakuwai - Yellow/orange or red form

Female of Casiphia (Raucocasiphia) takakuwai

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Aegolipton roubali Komiya, Drumont & Lorenc, 2012

Aegolipton roubali was described based on the materials collected from Vietnam and Laos.
The holotype was collected from Ngoc Linh, Kon Tum Province, South Center of Vietnam in 2010.
In Laos, this speces found in Dackchung and belong to Sekong Province.
Name of species to honor Mr. Viktor Roubal, University of Ulm (Germany)
Whole body of the species is covered with yellow-whitish hairs.

Male of Aegolipton roubali, specimen from Kon Tum Province

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dinoprionus cooperi Drumont & Do, 2015

A new species of longhorn beetle, Prioninae, Cerambycidae found from Indochina area, the new species was name after Dr. Bob Cooper in Army Malaria Institute. Dr. Cooper had co-worked with the second author of the species on Malaria mosquitoes in Vietnam for 5 years (2005-2010).
This is the second species of the genus has been described.

Dinoprionus cooperi Drumont & Do, 2015

Dr. Bob Cooper, feeding the mosquitoes by his blood