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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An undescribed species of genus Clinterocera

This is an unnamed species of Clinterocera genus and close to Clinterocera jucunda Westwood, 1874 that found from North Vietnam, North Thailand and Laos. Among 27 species of the genus there are only 5 known species that already be found from Vietnam: Clinterocera davidis Fairmaire, 1878; Clinterocera discipennis Fairmaire, 1889; Clinterocera jucunda Westwood, 1874; Clinterocera raui (Paulian, 1961); Clinterocera rufithorax Moser, 1901.
I am not an expert of Cetoniinae but the species is so beautiful and I really want to make a description of it; I hope I will have an opportunity to give it a science name in the near future.

Unnamed species of Clinterocera - photographed by Cuong Do

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