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Monday, May 16, 2016

Eupanacra busiris busiris (Walker, 1856)

Eupanacra busiris busiris (Walker, 1856) is quite wide distributed species, they found from India to South East Asia and South China. There are 5 subspecies of the species E. busiris be described. Eupanacra busiris atima found only from India; Eupanacra busiris marina found in Andaman Islands (India); Eupanacra busiris myosotis was described from Indonesia and Eupanacra busiris schuetzi found in Philippines. They are plant mimic moths, the whole body marking of the species similar to an orchid trunk. Color of dried specimen very much difference from alive form.

Eupanacra busiris busiris (Walker, 1856) - photographed by Ly Phu Tai

Eupanacra busiris busiris (Walker, 1856) - photographed by Nguyen Ba Quang

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