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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Xyleutes persona Le Guillou, 1841

Species of Xyleutes are large size moths of Cossidae, there are 2 species were recorded from Vietnam:  Xyleutes persona Le Guillou, 1841 and Xyleutes strix (Linnaeus, 1758). Both of the species are wide distribute from India to South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, Xyleutes strix (Linnaeus, 1758) found also in Solomons. In Vietnam, Xyleutes species found in mountain forests with elevation from 700 to more than 1000m. The species Xyleutes persona Le Guillou, 1841 was recorded the first time by Yakolev & Witt in 2009. 2 species of Xyleutes can be easy separated by color of the pronotum: Xyleutes persona with a white pronotum while Xyleutes strix has black part of pronotum in dorsal view.

Xyleutes persona Le Guillou, 1841 - photographed by Cuong Do

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