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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hypolycaena amasa amasa Hewitson, 1865

It is a beautiful species of Lycaenidae butterfly with very long tails. There are 2 subspecies of the species in Indo-Burma region: Hypolycaena amasa amasa Hewitson, 1865 and Hypolycaena amasa maximinianus (Fruhsrtorfer,1912). Two subspecies maybe separated by the South East Asia Sea, while the Hypolycaena amasa amasa found from the main land of Indochina area, Hypolycaena amasa maximinianus was recorded from South of Thailand to Indonesia-Malaysia and Borneo part of South East Asia.
In Vietnam, this subspecies was found almost part from North (Ha Giang) to South (Lam Dong and Dong Nai):
Sometime the species was recorded under its synonym: Zeltus etolus

Hypolycaena amasa amasa Hewitson, 1865 - photographed by Nguyen Ba Quang

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