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Coleoptera (Beetles)
- Buprestidae (Jewel Beetles)
  + Buprestidae (by Mauzirio Gigli)

- Carabidae
  + Carabidae of the World (Carabidae and Cicindelidae)

- Cerambycidae
  + An album of Vietnamese cerambycidae (Steve Lingafelter' Picasa album)
  + Cerambycidae (by Mikhail Danilevsk)
  + Worldwide Cerambycoidea (by Francesco Vitali)
  + Lamiaires du Monde
  + Prionindae of the World (by Pirkl)
  + The world of Prioninae (by Norbert Delahaye)

- Lucanidae
  + Les Lucanidae du Dumonde (French)
  + Les Lucanidae du Dumonde (French - blog)
  Lucanidae of the World (Bio-Nica, by Jean-Michel Maes)

- Scarabaeidae
  + Centoniidae
  + Lists of Scarabaeoidea: lists of Passalidae, Lucanidae,  Geotrupidae, Aphodiidae, Scarabaeinae, Melolonthinae, Dynastinae, Rutelinae and Centoninae  (by Iwase Kazuo)
  + Scarab Workers World Directory (A directory of entomological researchers of Scarab-related beetles, by Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum - Division of Entomology)

Lepidopera (Butterflies and Moths)
- Butterflies
  + A checklist of butterflies in Indo-China
  + Birdwing Butterflies
  + Butterfly Corner (Butterflies from all over the World)
  + Pteron World (in Japanese)

- Moths
  + Saturniidae of South East Asia
  + Saturniidae (A web site for Saturniidae and other bombycoid moths)
  + Saturniidae World (Home page fur den Saturniidenfreund)
  + The sphigidae of Southeast-Asia (by Jan Beck & J. Kitching)
  + Sphigidae Barcode
  + Caterpillarblog

Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies)
- Demoiselle Damselflies (Caloptera)
- Odonata Vietnam (by Tom Kompier)
- Viet Odonata (by Sebastien Delonglee)
- Asia Dragonfly
- Worldwide Dragonfly Association
- British Dragonfly Society

- Phasmid Study Group